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Have you ever felt so tired That you couldn’t see the way, To make it through from breakfast To the best part of the day? (The bit where you’re allowed to snooze, And snuggle in your bed, The bit when … Continue reading

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Oh to be a Cat!

The life of a cat, Has long been something that, I have secretly somewhat aspired to. It would be so nice, To spend time chasing mice, And recover with a snooze on the lean-to. To sleep through the day, Have … Continue reading

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Old Age Imagined

As I watched him shuffle, With an old man’s walk, And I heard him mutter, With an old man’s talk, I found myself thinking, I just couldn’t bear, To live to be older, With thin greying hair, And with legs … Continue reading

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Isn’t it lovely, When expectations are low, But your worst fears Turn out not to Be how things go? If you expect the worst, But you receive the best, Then you can’t help but feel That you’ve been kindly blessed.

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Giving Blood, Giving Life

Giving blood’s a selfless act, You give your blood, Get nothing back. Except, of course, That’s quite untrue. Donating blood Does lots for you. It makes you feel Warm inside, And justly filled With righteous pride. You think of where … Continue reading

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