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Man and Boy

I’m you, From the future Said the man To the boy. And the boy couldn’t help But to feel Somewhat coy.. If the story This weathered old man Told was true Then imagine The things He had seen And he … Continue reading

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Words Unheard

Between the words That are spoken, Are the words That are meant, You have to Listen carefully, And then meaning Is lent, To turn of a head, Or the twitch of an eye, To the flicking of hair, Or an … Continue reading

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The Compliment

Did you mean what you said? Such a nice thing to say, But you said it in such a casual way, That I don’t know if you meant it, And now I’m left torn, Because maybe you meant it, Or … Continue reading

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Conversation with an Anorexic

I’m so fat and I hate it, I just want to die, She said as she carefully Avoided my eyes. Everyone stares, Just because I’m so fat, Nobody cares, I have an illness that, People think is my fault, That’s … Continue reading

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Conversation with a Self-Harmer

“My blood is my tears.” I heard her say, But it made no sense; Is there no other way Of expressing the hurt And the pain within, Than taking a blade To your porcelain skin? “It makes me feel real.” … Continue reading

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