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Forever Home? 

She placed the star upon the tree A wish within her heart That Christmas with this family Would signal a new start. She’d heard so much about them And they sounded nice and kind But the problem with new families … Continue reading

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The moment when The perfect gift, Complete with bows and ribbon, Is handed out From ‘neath the tree And now the gift is given. The giftee holds it in two hands, And gives a gentle squeeze (But perfect presents are … Continue reading

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Christmas Can Be Lonely

Spare a thought for those alone At Christmas time this year For some of them, the problem is Their family don’t live near. Others have no family left, No kind friends to take them in. That they should be all … Continue reading

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Five More Sleeps

Five more sleeps ’til Christmas, I’m so excited I could pop, In five nights time I’ll listen out For a tinkle and clip clop, As Santa and his reindeer Gallop through cold winter skies, Fuelled equally by fairy dust And … Continue reading

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The Best Gift

The best gift you could give me? Just a little of your time. I’ve got far too many bath salts, And I’m not that keen on wine. A small space in your diary, That is marked out just for me, … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Past

One of the sadder sights You’ll see, Is a long-forgotten Christmas tree, Stripped of baubles, Tinsel and lights, Needles brown, No more delights, To be found in this Once loved tree, That was the hub For a family, On Christmas … Continue reading

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A Robin Called Dave – a Story Poem

There once was a Robin, And he was called Dave, He was small, brown and feisty And terribly brave. He looked forward each year, To Yuletide time, When he could please people, With Christmassy rhymes, As he flashed his red … Continue reading

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I want an alien for Christmas!

I want an alien for Christmas! Declared the little girl, As she spoke to Father Christmas, Whilst pushing back her curls. I want one who’s as tall as me, With skin green like a pear, And seventeen eyes, And wings … Continue reading

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On Christmas Day, With Love

With love to you on Christmas Day, The international day of play, When adults, pets and children too, Stop whatever else they do, On every other day each year, And indulge in some festive cheer. Wearing PJs and a smile, … Continue reading

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Credit Where Credit’s due – a tongue in cheek Christmas rhyme

Not many sleeps until Christmas, Until magic and wishes collide, And a big jolly man, Of whom kids are a fan, Takes their wildest dreams for a ride. The magic of Christmas is tiring, When you’re the one sat at … Continue reading

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