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The All Seeing Gnome [a children’s poem]

There’s a gnome at the bottom of my garden, And his name is Jeronimo Zee, He has a pink hat, And an old cricket bat, And the brightest blue shirt with long sleeves. He’s a strange little gnome who likes … Continue reading

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An Unusual Day at the Zoo (a children’s story poem)

Lyra and Ellie went to the zoo To visit the tiger and bear, But you’ll never believe, Quite what they found, On that sunny day when they got there. The tiger was gone, The bear missing too, The giraffe and … Continue reading

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A Dragon Named Paul

In a faraway land where the sea meets the sky, And the hills are marshmallows and the rocks are alive, Live a colony of dragons – the regular sort – With fire-breathing bellies, who eat children for sport. They fill … Continue reading

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