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Faithful Furry Friend

Always by my side My ever faithful Mindy; Helping me to heal. [Knocked for six by a fever of 104F (40C) Mindy is proving a great sick nurse]   

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Dear Cat

Stroking your fur, I sink into your purr And I feel my anxiety lessen. The stress of the day, Floats so gently away, In my life you’re a wonderful blessing. I cuddle you tight, When things aren’t feeling right, You … Continue reading

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Oh to be a Cat!

The life of a cat, Has long been something that, I have secretly somewhat aspired to. It would be so nice, To spend time chasing mice, And recover with a snooze on the lean-to. To sleep through the day, Have … Continue reading

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The complicated dynamic between a cat and her owner

I used to think I owned a cat. That she belonged to me. I brought her home, And played with her. At first I didn’t see I didn’t own my cat at all, You see, my cat owned me.  

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