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Kitten Cuddles

This day was not one Made for living. This day was not Very forgiving. It was one where her head Kept her confined to bed; The aching And gnawing, There was no ignoring She cuddled her kitten instead. This kitten … Continue reading

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Oh to be a cat

Basking in sunshine, Content, purring, warm and fed. Oh to be a cat.

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Feline Therapy

Curled on her lap Was a bundle of love, It purred And it sighed And it cuddled. She stroked it for hours, Then stroked it some more Because stroking cats Made her less muddled.

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Feline Friend

Your purr So loud, Drowns out My worries. They seem Unimportant As you massage me With your Padded paws. As I stroke you, Stress falls from me. Big problems Look smaller, And life feels Okay.

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Life Advice from My Cat

Whilst I run around, Full of stress, in such haste, My faithful old cat Watches on with distaste. Quite what the rush is, She cannot discern, And quite why the anguish, She has yet to learn. As I run to … Continue reading

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The Cat and The Flea

When you look up at me, Just what do you see? Said the big ginger tom To the little black flea, Well in truth, Said the flea, All I see is my dinner, If I didn’t dine on you Then … Continue reading

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Alice the elderly cat

She farts and she fusses And she wees on the bed, She’s perpetually asking When she’ll next be fed. Her breath smells disgusting, She has talons for claws, Oh don’t be mistaken, We know all her flaws. Her black fur … Continue reading

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