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Unseeing (sonnet)

If you could see the way that you are loved, And feel that love, if only for a day, You’d see that in our eyes you are enough, And start to see yourself a different way. You beat yourself with … Continue reading

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Forever Home? 

She placed the star upon the tree A wish within her heart That Christmas with this family Would signal a new start. She’d heard so much about them And they sounded nice and kind But the problem with new families … Continue reading

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I have a little plant That’s growing on my window sill, It started as a seed And didn’t look that much until I put it in a plant pot, And I covered it in earth, And I gave it lots … Continue reading

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Ups and Downs

Life Can feel Hard to bear And most unfair An uphill struggle And nightmarish muddle You’re fighting on your own. But stop and look, and you will see That though you’re fully grown, All around are helping hands, Who’ll guide … Continue reading

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The Hand of Friendship

A life that’s full and happy Is a gift that you should share, Is there someone in your life Who needs to know you care? Would the hand of friendship Make their life feel more complete? Or would a little … Continue reading

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