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Poisoned Love

His love was a delicious poison to her, Stroking her ego, Sucking her in, Before suffocating her, Slowly, Painfully, With words and actions Designed to undermine, To control, And confuse. He teased her, Taking her to the brink of destruction … Continue reading

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You Didn’t Ask

I didn’t tell you, Because you didn’t ask. Perhaps if you had, I’d have found the words To ask for help. But you didn’t. Perhaps if you’d asked, I’d have told you About the things he said. The things he … Continue reading

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Does the end justify the means? She wondered, As she looked down at her hands, Bloodied and broken. She had expected to feel triumphant, Relieved, released. But instead she felt a deep regret. In abusing her abuser, Had she become … Continue reading

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We take the love we think that we deserve. But why? They ask. Hushed tones behind closed doors. Why does she stay? Does she not have the nerve To leave? They ask, and condemnation pours. They judge, but never try … Continue reading

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That Woman – a poem about domestic abuse

She turned, Ready to walk away. Forever. How could he? She would not be that woman, The beaten wife, No. She steeled herself, Her resolve forming a protective bubble, A barrier between his words and her ears, Between his hands … Continue reading

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Why do I care what you think of me? Why do your opinions determine who I’ll be? Why is it your thoughts, Not mine, That shame me, Tease me, Taunt me, Why? Why do I care what you say about … Continue reading

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As I watch my children soundly sleep, Their world without a care, Their faces sweet and innocent, And softly framed by hair; I wonder just how anyone Can bring themselves to harm, The babies that are in their care And … Continue reading

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Yes. She said, But she meant: NO! But didn’t know how To tell him so. Okay… She muttered. Feeling sure She didn’t want this Any more.

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