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Observation of a Friend

She observed her friend, Smiling, Broken, So hurt by one she once loved. The physical wounds healing, The emotional wounds ragged and raw. Each day, the friend applied make up And a smile, And she faced the world. She would … Continue reading

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Walk Away [sonnet]

You blame yourself though you are not to blame, You question whether you were right to leave, You knew that things could never be the same, And hoped that leaving would, your pain, relieve. Your pain moved from your body … Continue reading

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Fists and Tears

An old man with young bones. Child’s eyes, Scarred with sights no child should see. A body, young but broken by experience. A mind, Warped; Nothing remains of innocence. Tainted by a life, Too old for his years. Tainted by … Continue reading

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You say his name Through gritted teeth. The things he says Defy belief; But why then Say his name at all When doing so Precedes a fall Into a hole So deep and wide You can’t get out, You’re stuck … Continue reading

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He undid her With his words. He broke her From afar. His touch, His cruel embrace, Was not needed To make her feel incomplete And yet, If asked, She would swear He completed her.

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Fistful of Words

If you must hurt me, use your hands They hurt less than your words. The bruises that are left by fists Will heal, but once heard The venom that you say to me Will pulse throughout my veins; The ugly … Continue reading

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Iron Gaze

His grip was like iron, Though not a finger grazed her skin. His gaze alone shackled her. Each movement, Each word, …each thought, Just for him. What did he want to see? How could she please him, Or at least … Continue reading

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The End, Maybe

He looked at her With thinly veiled disgust. She looked at him With thinly veiled distrust. What once worked Was broken And twisted and bent Where love was Was hatred And time felt misspent. She looked at him And wished … Continue reading

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After the storm, She was lovely and sweet. But kindness And smiles Should not be a treat. Kindness and smiles Are what we deserve, Each day From our parents, That kindness preserves The life living in us, The joy in … Continue reading

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Secret Story – a poem about self-harm

Each scar told a story, A story untold, A story that took Quite a time to unfold. And a story that took Pulsing pain to relieve. A story, if told, That would not be believed. The tale of a young … Continue reading

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