Sleepy Snuggles

Just one more cuddle?
You plead, before you sleep;
There is *always* time

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Was the face he saw his?
He no longer knew,
The bits that he recognised
Seemed very few,
Between angry raised spots
And through tufts of a beard
There were glimpses of him,
Though he felt and he feared
He was no more the same person,
He’d changed as he aged
And his mind and his body
Weren’t on the same page
Could this face of a man
Be the face that belonged?
He thought of his childhood
And for those days longed.

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To Stop or To Go On

To stop
Or to go on?
A question
I often

Find myself
At crossroads often.
Standing, staring
Into the road
Beyond me

It’s hard.
What’s ahead
Is uncertain

What’s past
Has streetlamps
Sputtering, failing;
Also dark. And cold.
But dark, cold
And known..

To stop?
Or to go on?
A Question
I often

[A question about life but on this, my 3rd anniversary of writing a poem a day, it’s also a question about poetry writing… The two, perhaps, go hand in hand]

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Rest Well Mindy x 

Another baby
Gone too soon; you were so loved
And always will be.

[less than a week after losing Bella, our darling 12-year-old Mindy passed away today]

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Wedding Day Sonnet

They seemed a perfect pairing from the start,
Two minds alike (both quirky, slightly strange..)
It wasn’t long before he stole her heart,
Or she stole his – regardless, soon life changed.

No longer did they talk of ‘I’ but ‘we’
And single-life felt like the distant past.
They shared their ups, their downs, their grief, their glee,
The list of special moments shared grew vast.

Before too long came time to say ‘I do’
And share their love with family and friends,
Who shed a tear at whispered ‘I love you’s,
And witnessed love – the type that never ends.

With love our friends, on this, your wedding day.
May love and laughter always pave your way.

[For Naomi & Neil who’ll tie the knot this Saturday]

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Dinner Time

Just eating is enough.
I tell myself.
Maybe it’s the same meal thrice daily,
But that’s HUGE!
I tell myself.
I’ve gone from nothing,
To eating, eating, eating.
The same food,
With a beta blocker chaser.
Finally, it has started to feel safer.
Finally, I thought I could venture
To that now unknown room,
The Kitchen
And prepare something else…
Something safe…
I assemble the vegetables.
I take out the knife,
And the board..
And I’m overcome.
That is as much as I can do today.
I’ll wait for calm,
Then I’ll eat the same thing,
From the same bowl,
With the same spoon,
The monotony doesn’t bother me,
But the fact that I believe myself
Intelligent & often capable,
Yet I see (safe) broccoli and cry
Bothers me deeply.

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Every inch of you seems tense.
Breath caught in your chest.
Hands clenched,
Toes most likely curled
Within your patent shoes.
Your eyes search his face wildly,
Flicking side to side
Looking for a sign…
As he walks towards you in the bar
A smile plays across his lips,
His swagger slow
Voice low.
A friend joins you both
And you exhale.
Those shaky trembling breaths
Invisible to all
Except those who’ve breathed them too.

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