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The last words you heard were I love you. There were no words that we left unsaid. I was sad you were finally leaving, Last gasps from a hospital bed. Despite the unlikely surroundings, So clinical, stark and so bare, … Continue reading

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Dark Nights

Night skies Stretch endlessly, A road map for Dark Unquiet Minds That wander, Aimless, Putrid; Poisoning Once happy thoughts Of daytime.

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Broken Man

Purple shadows beneath his eyes Cast by his nighttime fears. Raw and red and swollen cheeks, Ravaged by his tears. A throat that’s raw And hands that shake A mouth that cannot talk, Hair falling out, A heart that doubts … Continue reading

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Give Unexpected Thanks [Kindness Prompt 2]

Today’s suggested act of kindness is to say thank you to someone who might not expect it.  This was inspired by my children writing their Christmas thank you notes, and the joy these always seem to bring for the recipient… … Continue reading

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Share a Photograph [Kindness Prompt #1]

I really enjoy performing acts of kindness big and small and it’s something that many people within my social network seem to seek great pleasure in also.  I thought I’d have a go at sharing ideas for acts of kindness, … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Anticipation, It’s bedtime on Christmas Eve. Santa’s on his way!   

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Gone Walking 

Muddy boots Blue skies Tired dog Bright eyes Big hills Grazing sheep Aching legs Need to sleep Best friend Deep talk A perfect Nearly Christmas walk        

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Content, Safe, Saved

She nestled In her mother’s arms; Content, Safe, Saved. In this embrace, She found her home. Content, Safe, Saved. Dark thoughts Gave way to lighter ones. Content, Safe, Saved. These arms Would hold her always now. Content, Safe, Saved.

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Sad and Smiling [haiku]

The moon, fills the sky, Big and sad, shining, smiling, The moon and her mask.

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Fireside [Haiku]

A mug in her hands A fire roaring in the hearth Time to stop… Relax

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