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Faulty Thinking? [Haiku]

When you cannot trust The thoughts that are in your head Then what can you trust? Advertisements

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Questions about Questions

I don’t just Not know the answers, But the questions Still allude me. I cannot help But think that if I knew them I’d be free. But the questions And the answers They escape me, And they taunt me; ‘Til … Continue reading

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If you could live The day again, Are there things You would change? Are there words You’d leave unspoken? Points of view you’d rearrange? The benefit of hindsight Is the clarity It gives, But sadly, not the first time Only … Continue reading

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How Are You?

A simple question, But an answer Too complicated to comprehend. She said ‘I’m fine’.. Not because she was, Nor because she was hiding, But because the truth Needed words She had not Yet Mastered.

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Why Write [sonnet]

Why write? They ask, unsure of why I do, But as I pour my words onto the page, I feel the darkness lift, the sadness too, And for some moments I no longer age. Each minute, taking hours on this … Continue reading

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What we know Is filtered by our flaws, Sometimes more beautiful For this lens Growing bountiful and pure, But sometimes Warped and twisted, Imprinted with times past Or future feared. When then, can re rely On what we think we … Continue reading

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Unthought Words

Is to speak without thinking To not speak at all? Without thought, How do you make sense of it all? How do you untangle The way that things are And give un-muddled arguments Not tinged with bizarre? Do unthought words … Continue reading

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