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I Didn’t Hear

I listened, But I didn’t hear The words you said to me. I thought I knew You through and through; But what I chose to see, Was somebody quite different, Somebody okay. Somebody who tried to help Ease loved ones’ … Continue reading

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Some Days are just Hard

To make it through The darkest days, Is harder than it seems. One foot, another, up and dressed Sounds like the stuff of dreams. When menacing thoughts in your mind Drag you back into bed, To languish with your aches … Continue reading

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Calm Waters 

As she stepped into the foamy waters, Her worries began to wash away. The fast beating of her heart slowed, As did her racing head. She wrapped herself in a blanket of bubbles And locked the world away. A cocoon … Continue reading

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Busy Mind

Some days the thoughts Are fast And vast; They swirl And whirl And twirl, Unfurl. They make no sense, Yet feel intense, The stress immense, My muscles tense. Filling head And racing heart, Hard to tell The two apart, Aching … Continue reading

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Now You’re Dead

We listened, But did not hear The words between your words. Things were bad, We knew; You said, But now… Now, you’re dead… And though you needed help, You spoke of others’ plights instead. And now you’re dead. You said … Continue reading

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Myself and I

I look in the mirror and it tells me dark lies; It shows me a woman I’ve learnt to despise, It shows me a woman who’s bad through and through, Who’s wicked and ugly and arrogant too. It shows me … Continue reading

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When the Rain Falls

When the rain falls, I feel more able To face the world. It’s strange. The sun Makes me shrink away; Unable to live up to the expectation A bright day brings. Blue skies make me grey. But grey skies Make … Continue reading

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