The Stranger

On the edges looking in
On a life that had been hers,
But she’d divvied out to others
Whilst she wept.

She delegated well
To those up to the challenge,
And her life continued on
Whilst she slept.

Now a stranger to her life,
Looking in, at the others
She realised not one part
Had she kept.

And she wondered how she’d now
Resume being part of a life
That she’d handed out,
And to the plate folk stepped?

So she cried (not a little)
And she felt lost and lonely;
But she knew she would
Forever be in debt.

For the folk playing mother
To her life in the hard times,
Were wonderful
And not at all inept.

She was wrong in her thinking
She was no longer needed,
They were simply keeping ticking
Whilst she slept…

And she hoped, when the time came
She would feel fixed and ready
As into her life
She tentatively stepped.

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2 Responses to The Stranger

  1. Michael says:

    It’s a wonderful testament to the people around you Pooky that they are and have always have been there for you….step gently among them, allow them to embrace you with a love that only they possess for you.

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  2. Very powerful one.

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