Thoughts on Trauma – a sonnet

Would I undo the things that you have done,
And if I did would that mean I had won?
I am not sure, though now I feel such pain,
I can see brighter days beyond this strain.

Those brighter days would not transmit such glow,
If lived by someone who had never known
What darkness is, what it is to feel pain.
And so I’ll focus forwards, trudge through rain.

And one day, we will meet in my mind’s eye;
And I will bid the longest of goodbyes
Because for all the pain that you have brought
You’ll help me find the me within I’ve sought.

Your memory, for now brings harm and hurt
But I will walk on stronger; lessons learnt.

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1 Response to Thoughts on Trauma – a sonnet

  1. Love your heart warming and life affirming poem, its true that the sadness and trauma that life presents us with can be used to add to our inner core of strength.

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