I will not hide my scars away
The way you think I should.
Each scar will always tell the story
Of a day I could..
A day I thought I couldn’t bear
To take another breath;
When life felt so unbearable
That I had nothing left.
But I dug deep, found my way through
The one way I knew how,
And after all that fighting
“Hide it”‘s what I’m hearing now.
I will not run, or cover up;
These scars I’ll never hide,
They tell a story; I survived
In that, can’t I feel pride?
And as they fade,
I learn new ways
To heal the hurt within,
But harder days
And battles fought
Stay etched into my skin.
If it makes you feel uncomfortable,
By all means look away
From the scars which show
I fought so hard
To live

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5 Responses to Scars

  1. nikada777 says:

    Tanks that is so life and fight is you. Very much tanks

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  2. wbdeejay says:

    Stay Brave. Signs of strength to those of us who understand.

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  3. Pat says:

    Much love my dear friend. Thank you for taking this stand, to hopefully help some of us muster up inner strength as well xo

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  4. artterry says:

    This one has taught me a lot, has changed my mind on things and one person in particular, thanks Pooky. The words are hard to read but the photo brings tears every time. Your strength is awesome.


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