The Too Tired Snail

The snail struggled under heavy load;
Each worry he would carry, and they weighed.
Mounting worries weighed him down, so he slowed;
He worried he would not get far today.

The added worry left him feeling grey,
But he knew, as snails do; life goes on.
So he mustered all his strength and he prayed,
And he slithered til his energies were gone.

When he woke, he was tired, bright sun shone;
And his friends, they had gathered by his side
They all thought that their grey-tired-friend was gone,
So they cheered as he opened up his eyes.

They shared his load between the many friends;
This is where his story starts, not ends.

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2 Responses to The Too Tired Snail

  1. Michael says:

    Lovely Pooky, I was only thinking a few moments ago that I had not seen you for a while, hope you are doing ok and that your story is like the snail starting not ending…


  2. jfb57 says:

    Snails can be very independent but it is good to see that when they need help, they have friends to support them xxx


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