To Stop or To Go On

To stop
Or to go on?
A question
I often

Find myself
At crossroads often.
Standing, staring
Into the road
Beyond me

It’s hard.
What’s ahead
Is uncertain

What’s past
Has streetlamps
Sputtering, failing;
Also dark. And cold.
But dark, cold
And known..

To stop?
Or to go on?
A Question
I often

[A question about life but on this, my 3rd anniversary of writing a poem a day, it’s also a question about poetry writing… The two, perhaps, go hand in hand]

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5 Responses to To Stop or To Go On

  1. wbdeejay says:

    Three years of continual poetry, you are amazing Pooky! And I understand your questions, I really do. If my hugs could see you safely through this, I would be there in a blink. Know that I support you completely and love you. X

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  2. jfb57 says:

    Happy poem birthday!
    I love your daily poems and being very selfish hope to will go on with them. I hope they bring you some comfort as they do me even when they are challenging! xxx

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  3. Have SO enjoyed re-finding your poetry in the past months and reigniting my enjoyment of writing poems. Totally ‘get’ the questions you’re pondering…love xo

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