The Tall Girl’s Dress

This is the tale
Of girl so tall
That nothing would fit her,
No, nothing at all.

She went to the shops
With her Dad and her Mum,
But none of the dresses
Reached down past her bum.

She looked down at her parents,
From her great big height,
And said,
I don’t think these clothes are quite right.

So they packed their bags,
And they got in the car,
And they travelled to a town
That was far, far, far.

For they’d heard that this town
Which was miles away,
Was the place where giant parents
Took their giant kids to play.

They drove and they drove
And eventually they saw,
Great big giants
One, two, three, four.

And the girl, who in her hometown
Felt oh so tall,
For the first time in her life,
Felt ever so small…

So they went to the shops,
Which were full of giant clothes,
They had dresses, skirts and trousers
And some very fluffy robes,

And the girl picked out some dresses,
That she really liked a lot,
And were the dresses far too small?
Oh no – no, they were not.

In fact they were not small at all,
In fact they were enormous,
They were made for giant girls you see,
And they are all ginormous!

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