Day by Day

Sometimes it is safer
To begin days at the end
To determine where they’re leading,
Are they foe?
Or are they friend?
If we know where they’re headed,
And if we know they’ll end well,
It is easier to manage
All the feelings that soon swell…
As we think about the day ahead,
And where that day might go,
We can work out how to manage
Any devil
That we know.

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1 Response to Day by Day

  1. jfb57 says:

    Umm I’m not sure. Sometimes the day in my head is going to be horrid and I can’t wait for it to be bed time. However as I move through it, I can find things that I didn’t know about that are good and change that day from foe to friend. So, I think we need to keep room for those unknowns! xx

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