The Chase

The faster you run
The faster I hide
From the demon
You you give rise to
Clawing inside
Of my guts
Of my belly
My mind
And my head
It’s monstrous
Why can’t you instead
Just run slowly
Less slyly
Not cause me
Such fright
And so spare me the feelings
In which
You delight…
I cower in corners
You chase and you win
Because hide though I might
From your horrible grin
I can see it
With eyes closed
And feel you nearby
In the salt of my tears
As I break down and cry.

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4 Responses to The Chase

  1. Angharad May says:

    Love you ❤ Cry all those memories away, let them wash out in your tears, gone. You're safe now. Sending you gentle hugs xoxo

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  2. 😦 Completely understand…constantly running from something that is inside your own self is the most exhausting and frightening thing ever…but I promise you…IT slows down and doesn’t win so much and we outrun the thoughts and defeat it in the end…xxoo

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  3. wbdeejay says:

    Hugs. Hand holds. Words to chase away the demons. X

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