Sun Shine and Tears

Why is it
When the sun shines,
That my mood sinks;
I feel sad?
The brightest,
Sunny days,
All leave me
Feeling sad.
Is it the weight of expectation
That these summer days all bring
That make me feel
I should feel light
And dance around
And sing?
Or maybe it’s their brightness
Which in contrast to the dark
Of my mind, my mood,my emptiness
Is dazzling and stark.
Or maybe it’s because these days
Are ones when we should play
The happiest of families
And smile throughout the day.
I’m not sure
Of the reasons,
But I almost
That I tend to feel the saddest
On the days that
The sun shines.

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1 Response to Sun Shine and Tears

  1. jfb57 says:

    I know just how you feel! I put it down to being a January baby but that’s a pants excuse. Sunshine does feel at times to bring such high expectations!

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