Waves of Anxiety

My normal
A new world, unfree;
There were times
When I knew
How else
Not now,
I am anxious
In the morning
And night. Not now,
I am constantly not quite
Alright. In waves, it attacks me
In waves it subsides,
As I catch my breath,
Yet again,
And pain
Glides. Into
Spaces, blank faces,
Into windows and hands
Always there, where
I look, I can’t quite
Grips me
Each hour of
The day; and now,
I feel anxious
Is life’s only

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3 Responses to Waves of Anxiety

  1. jfb57 says:

    Sorry you’re having a difficult time. When it subsides grab those minutes & pop them in a bottle for these times xx

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  2. Really great description…my new normal at this time also – and when the waves subside, even for a couple of moments, I can almost feel my brain saying, Hang on, this doesn’t seem right, & another wave is sent crashing through me…


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