Retelling [sonnet]

If you could write one chapter of a life,
And write it well and change the way things passed,
Would you attempt to quell a lifelong strife,
Or do small goods and watch their impact last?

Is it better to undo or just to do,
This life we lead, if wrong can we replay
And edit bits that need to be removed,
Or should we try again another way?

It’s hard to know as futures can’t be told,
They can be guessed at best, watched back at worst.
Before too long, times that were new are old,
And ageing memories must now be nursed.

What has been done can no more be undone,
Than songs of larks and doves can be unsung.

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2 Responses to Retelling [sonnet]

  1. It would be lovely to go back and right wrongs and undo actions, but, as you say, we have sung our song, like the birds, and can only sing another tune today.

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  2. jfb57 says:

    What a choice – to change or improve? Unlike Nick, I have a terrible memory for events & happenings. There are things that I feel bad about which might benefit from being changed but then their events that dominoed from them would be changed. Best to use them as considerations & make new memories. Love this Pooks! xxx


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