Sensory Overload

No quiet sound is louder
Than the ticking
Of a clock
The infuriating rhythm
Of a quiet
Most people
Just ignore it,
Drown it out with other sounds
But I cannot
For me, the tick-tock-ticking
Is too loud.
Fists bared,
Teeth clenched,
The ticking
Wreaks pure havoc
With my mind;
Which is why,
When you are talking,
I’m always lagging far behind.
You think the room is quiet,
But I promise you it’s not;
It’s filled to burst
With ticking,
From that almost silent clock.

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1 Response to Sensory Overload

  1. jfb57 says:

    I can lock into the sound of a clock like that Pooks. It is amazing just how loud it sounds!

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