Let me be? 

It’s because you care,
And yet you hurt me,
Because you cannot love me
As I am.
You cannot ever know
The way it pains me,
Knowing I’m not good enough
For you.
I like the way I am
Right now, my safety
Comes from counting
Calories and ribs.
I know deep down
You really love me,
Which is why
You need to see me change.
But the thing is
That I do not want to
Can you not just hold me,
Let me be?

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1 Response to Let me be? 

  1. These could have been my words when trapped in the AN. It is because they love us that they can’t ‘let us be’…they love us no matter how we are, but they need to keep trying to help us move away from what is hurting us…the illness makes us think the exact opposite to what is true and right….thank you for sharing xxoo

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