Myself and I

I look in the mirror and it tells me dark lies;
It shows me a woman I’ve learnt to despise,
It shows me a woman who’s bad through and through,
Who’s wicked and ugly and arrogant too.

It shows me a woman with hate in her eyes,
Who the world will not miss if she curls up and dies,
Who deserves to be cut and be hit black and blue,
Whose intentions are wicked and her actions bad too.

I take a deep breath as I know it’s all lies,
But this woman I hate and myself, we lock eyes;
And the hatred I feel makes me sure that it’s true,
The world’s so confusing when you’re not sure who’s you.

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10 Responses to Myself and I

  1. Yu/stan/kema says:

    Very good poem, Pooky.


  2. I can completely relate to all of this xxx


  3. An excellent poem, one we can identify with.


  4. therfpscribe says:

    We are often mean towards people whom we fear, and there is no one who scares us more than ourselves in this world. We are frightened of the darkness in our souls, but we are even more fearful to discover and realise our full potential, and all that we could be if only we give ourselves a chance.

    The first step to overcoming fear is kindness. I hope you may be able to find one good or positive thing to say about anyone who scares you or threatens your sense of self. This includes the woman in the mirror who looks back at you.

    She deserves better. You deserve better. We women can better this world with the love and compassion within us.

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  5. Garry Fowler says:

    I will use the words you spoke to me, “If only you could see yourself as I see you”. And of course that person is one of the most amazingly wonderful people I have ever met

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  6. We know deep down it is not true of ourselves…but in those instances when the illness mindset takes over, even our simplest truths are seeped through with lies…
    Thank you for being so open and honest…one day we won’t feel this way at all xx

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