The Girl Who Could Fly

She walked and walked to the top of the hill
And then she walked some more,
But soon she found,
Her feet weren’t on the ground
And the rain had started to pour.

The rain poured down
And she soared so high
That to those left on the ground
She was a speck in the sky
She got quite wet
But she just didn’t care
Because it felt so good
To be up in the air.

She spread out her arms
And she welcomed the rain,
She looped the loop
Then she looped round again.
She whooped and she called
And she sang a merry song
And she flew and she flew
(because her arms were quite strong).

Then the rain eased off
And she floated to the ground
She planted her heels
And she looked around.
Her friends were amazed,
And they looked at the sky
And all of them wished
That they too could fly.

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