Losing You

You sleep like a child,
Not a care in the world,
But you wake
Full of puzzle,

Until not long ago
You were so sound of mind,
Now it feels like your mind’s
Been abused.

I hate to watch on
At the fear on your face,
As you wake
In the same,

I tell you each time,
Where you are,
What’s my name,
But I know you’ll forget it
Just the same.

Each day is a puzzle,
For you,
Something new;
Days repeat for me,
Waiting for glimpses of You.

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1 Response to Losing You

  1. Michael says:

    I eventually figured out in my mind what you were on about in this one Pooky, and I agree its so sad and distressing watching a loved one slowly disappear from us. Its an inner strength we draw on to help us through these times.
    PS Enjoying your book.


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