Be You

Please never be ashamed of who you are.
Appreciate that we are all unique.
You may think you are odd, even bizarre
Whilst others may admire your sleek mystique.

It’s okay to be different, just be you.
No one can be you quite the way you can;
There’s no one out there who can fill your shoes,
So fill them, hold your head high, make a plan.

Plan to be the best that you can be,
Whilst never losing sight of all the things
That drive you daily, make you want to be;
The things that make you smile and give you wings.

Please never be ashamed of who you are;
Embrace yourself, self-love will take you far.

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1 Response to Be You

  1. jfb57 says:

    Being at peace with who you are is something I envy when I see it. I have been striving for this all my life and may actually be making tiny steps towards it. Ssshhh!

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