Poorly Grandpa

It’s you,
But not you,
And it scares me like hell.
They say you’ll be fine,
That your kidney’s unwell.
In a man of your age,
That can do funny things
But I’m gripped with concern
And the panic this brings.

You look like a boy,
Wrapped in blankets,
Thin and frail,
With no sparkle,
No longer amused.
You have shrunk
Whilst you’ve been
In your hospital bed;
But the stories
Loom large
In your out-of-sorts head.

You tell me of cyanide,
And plots on your life,
Then you tell me
You’ve chatted with
Your (10 years passed) wife.
I hold you
And soothe you
And help you to calm.
Then I head to my car
And weep into my palms.

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6 Responses to Poorly Grandpa

  1. So sorry that your grandpa is poorly, it must make you feel helpless seeing him suffering.

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  2. Sue gifford says:

    So sorry your grandpa is poorly. Thoughts are with you .x

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  3. jfb57 says:

    It is always hard when our support is shown not to be immortal & invincible. They deserve our love at these times. They have given us the strength we need. We just need to look for it xxx

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  4. Michael says:

    This is such a heartbreaking situation Pooky, sorry your grandpa is unwell, you are doing what you need to do, being there for him.

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  5. My gran got paranoid before she passed. Sad and hard to deal with. I’m glad he has you to help him, though.

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  6. Emily Webb says:

    If your grandpa is in line for a kidney transplant and needs any financial help, please reach out to us. http://www.helphopelive.org Best wishes.

    Emily Webb
    PR and Social Media Coordinator
    800.642.8399 (Ext. 38) | HelpHOPELive.org

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