My problems felt big,
Until you told me yours.
Until I saw the way your pain
Ravaged you,
And mentally
Whilst you tried to stay composed.

You sat, with a smile on your face,
And told me of your pain.
I found myself sinking with you,
As your smile waned.

We made a plan.
This was a problem that might have no end,
But from which you could be made safe.
We battled,
And we won, today.
And whilst, together we fought,
My problems got smaller,
And so,
I hope,
Did yours.

We were stronger.
We will find a way.

Daily Poem #993

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1 Response to Together

  1. jfb57 says:

    Sharing is key but can be hard. We don’t always want to bother friends but it can provide another unexpected support with you being able to help them


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