Disability, Invisibility

He sat, patiently,
Whilst conversations happened over him.
He sat, patiently,
Whilst decisions were made on his behalf.
He sat, patiently,
Whilst questions were asked about him, not to him.
He sat, patiently,
Wondering why disability brought invisibility.
He sat, patiently,
Wheelchair bound, mind sound.
He sat, patiently,
His once-loud voice diminishing with unheard words.
He sat, patiently,
Losing the will to sit, to live, to wait.
He sat, patiently,
For what other choice did he have…

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2 Responses to Disability, Invisibility

  1. So sad, but so true, this must be the way people with disabilities feel, invisible and unheard, life for the disabled must be very frustrating. A beautifully written and insightful poem.

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  2. J says:

    Heartbreaking 😦

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