Makeup Mask

An artist,
She painted her worries away,
Concealing her blemishes
Starting her day
With a canvas,
Not blank
But which said ‘I’m okay’
As she steeled herself
For a new ‘okay’ day.

She flicked on mascara,
She smoothed on pink blush,
She concealed her hurt
With each stroke of the brush.
She outlined sad eyes,
Made her lips form a smile
This makeup,
This masking,
A ritual worthwhile.

She knew she must hide
All the hurt deep within,
So she painted a happy
Half-truth on her skin.
If she showed her true pain,
She thought she’d be despised,
So an artist,
She painted,
Her worries, to hide.

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2 Responses to Makeup Mask

  1. Its easier to cover up pain then to show it to others isnt it?

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  2. jfb57 says:

    When I was a HT, an adviser once said that she must be important because I had ‘put on my lippy’ before meeting with her.
    when I retired I made a promise to myself that I would not step out of the house without my lippy at least. For the most part, I’ve done it and it does make me feel better when I catch a glimpse of myself. Feels like I am standing up for myself & almost putting my fingers up to the world that I’m fighting with xxx

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