Life Partners

Together they walked,
Hand in hand,
Steps in time,
Grey-haired and frail,
With memories sublime.
Memories of times when
Their knees were less weak,
When mellifluous words flowed
When they chose to speak,
When life was a joy
Full of laughter,
Not tears,
When each day came with promise,
Unbounded by fears.
Their love for each other
Made each day a joy still,
But they silently feared
They’d be happy until
The day one of them left,
Their time on this Earth done,
When this so-happy pair
Were no more, leaving one.
Each of them hoped
Not to be left behind,
Whilst hoping the other
Would also not find
That they were alone,
And not part of a pair,
This silent, real fear
Filled them each with despair.

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1 Response to Life Partners

  1. jfb57 says:

    A wonderful poem of getting older. You don’t mention it between you, you know and hopefully you don’t let despair ruin the last years. xx

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