It’s hard to be friends… 

It’s hard to have friends
Filled with hatred,
Who don’t like themselves,
The girl thought,
She loved her friend dear,
But he made it quite clear
That he didn’t think that she ought.

For the hatred that burned
Deep inside him,
Was reserved for self-loathing
And tears
Of distress at himself who he hated,
How he looked..
What he said..
How he dressed.

But the thing was
That she found him handsome,
On both the inside and the out
But he didn’t believe…
Her words couldn’t relieve..
A head full of hatred and doubt.

She tried and she tried
To convince him,
That he was a wonderful friend,
But however she tried,
She ranted, and cried,
His broken thoughts, she couldn’t mend.

It was hard,
But she stayed true and loyal,
To her friend who was full of self-hate,
She wouldn’t let his wrong thoughts spoil,
Their friendship – she thought he was great!

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2 Responses to It’s hard to be friends… 

  1. jfb57 says:

    Read about self-compassion today & they mentioned thinking what you would say to a friend before you berate yourself for yet another failure. I’ve thought several times today ‘What would you say to Pooks?’ It helped!

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