Proud and Tall

The tree stood tall and proud,
A hundred branches grasping at the air.
Adorned with gem like leaves,
Ruffled by the breeze.

The tree was mighty.
Gnarled roots and rough bark
Hid a tenderness, pure;
Nestled in a nook up high
A nest, chirruped with juvenile hope.

The mighty tree held the tiny nest
In a palm-like branch,
Keeping the birds safe from harm
Beneath a canopy of bright green leaves.

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3 Responses to Proud and Tall

  1. What a beautiful poem, I love trees. There is something protective about them as they bring oxygen into the environment and shelter from the rain, as well as being a safe haven for birds and their nests.

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  2. Pratyusha says:

    simply amazing. can imagine the picture you have drafted through words. Nature is a shield, unfortunately we are destroying the palm like branches and habitat. Snatching away their basic survival shelters. Wish, people were more conscious towards protection of nature and habitat! Lovely poem again!

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  3. jfb57 says:

    A wonderful picture of nature in all her glory!

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