Walk Away [sonnet]

You blame yourself though you are not to blame,
You question whether you were right to leave,
You knew that things could never be the same,
And hoped that leaving would, your pain, relieve.

Your pain moved from your body to your mind.
It makes you question every little thing.
I hope that soon, with the right help, you’ll find,
A way to once more help your heart to sing.

Please try to stop from feeling all this blame;
The blame sits with abuser, not abused;
You are not the one who should feel shame,
His wicked actions leave your mind confused.

To walk away from him was very brave.
And now try to rebuild the life you saved.

[To a dear friend at the most difficult time. You know who you are. I’m proud of you and privileged to be your friend. I’m here for you xxx]

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6 Responses to Walk Away [sonnet]

  1. Scout says:

    Such wise, supportive words, Pooky.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jfb57 says:

    I’m sure these words will be of comfort Pooks xx

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