Dear KaiKai

You’ve sat with me
Through times both good and bad.
You’ve brought me comfort
When I’m feeling sad.
You’ve walked with me
When walking felt too hard.
You’ve calmed my panic
When I’m caught off guard.
You’re by my side
Throughout the day and night,
You bring me love
And help me fight the fight.
When company
Is more than I can bear,
I’m not alone
Because, my friend, you’re there.


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3 Responses to Dear KaiKai

  1. angharad says:

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! X

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  2. Em says:

    I love this poem and KaiKai is a little beauty ❤

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  3. Sue Gifford says:

    Unconditional love and support-right there. Lovely poem and what a cutie Kaikai is!

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