The words that he spoke
Felt like those of another,
Those of a person
Far greater than he.

Words full of wisdom,
And kindness,
And humour,
Words of a person,
The world needed to see.

He felt he was worthless,
And boring
And muted,
But maybe inside
He was trying to break free.

The people who listened
Saw humour and sadness
And kindness and wisdom,
He failed to see.

He saw a no-one
A tongue-speaking loser,
With all the right words,
But with no right to be.

But he wondered,
Just quietly,
How things might feel for him,
If the person that they saw,
Was one he could see

And if he could see it,
And taste it,
And feel it;
If he could inhabit it,
How would life be?

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