Which Way? 

She wondered the paths of the wood in the spring,
Unsure which of the paths she should take.
She came to a fork, with a choice of two paths,
Was one right and was one a mistake?

The one on the right, was a path she knew well,
She knew every slight turn and each bend.
But she’d walked it before, and each time that she did,
She disliked what she found at its end.

The path on the left was a path she’d not walked,
Though she’d stood at this fork in the past
And considered the path on the left, but she’d heard
That this path petered out, did not last.

As she stood and she thought, a friend pointed the way
To a path that she’d not seen before.
It was quite overgrown, it was hilly and harsh,
But intrigued, she walked on to see more.

This third path was not easy for one, but for two
It was possible to find a way,
With her friend she walked on, and walked on, and some more,
In what proved a most torturous day.

But finally after much blood sweat and tears,
The path’s end appeared just in their sight,
It was well worth the walk, and the hardship endured,
Because where they were going felt right.

[inspired by a conversation I had when I was staying at Maytree. For me, the path on the right is anorexia and self-harm, the path on the left is suicide and the new, hard path is the one I’m battling along now.]

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6 Responses to Which Way? 

  1. SueM says:

    The path to healing, wholeness, and health is never easy but it’s well worth the difficult journey. Thanks so much for writing and sharing this treasure! 🙂

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  2. For me, the path on the right was alcoholism, pain, and self-hatred. Thankfully, I never truly considered the path to the left but I speculated about it from time to time. I’ve now been on the hard path for 39 years. Sometimes it gets easier, and sometimes it is harder, but I know today that it is the only “right” option for me, and the only one I don’t have to walk alone.

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  3. jfb57 says:

    I’m going to make sure I look in that long grass, as things need to change from the choices I thought I have. So glad you found that third path Pooky!

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  4. Sue Gifford says:

    This third road is a much tougher one but we’re walking it side by side. My right hand is Depression anxiety paranoia and self-harm my left is the same as yours. We can get through this -Pooky your poems really do help us find a voice .

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