Different Days

Each day has a colour,
A sound
And a smell.
Some of these are familiar,
Some we know less well.
Some days are purple,
Some days are blue,
Some smell of roses
And sound like a zoo,
Some smell like cut grass
And others of pine,
Some smell of sewers
And others of wine.
Some are a bright green,
Whilst others are pink,
Some smell just faintly,
But other days stink.
Some days are quiet,
Whilst others are loud,
They sound like a circus
Or bustling crowd.
Some days are better,
Some days are worse,
But there’s nuggets of good
Even on days perverse.

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2 Responses to Different Days

  1. Hi Pooky, its all about seeing those nuggets of good isn’t it and hoping they don’t slip past in the gloom….have a good day…xox

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  2. wbdeejay says:

    A surprise ending there brought me a big smile šŸ˜€

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