A little bit of sparkle
Can go a long way
When you’re having an altogether
Unsparkly day.
With some glitter, some laughter,
A hug and a smile,
You can feel slightly better,
At least for a while.

(I’ve  rarely left the house in the last few weeks as I’ve been too unwell.  Today Michelle packed up her gear and came and made my nails all sparkly at home which has really cheered me up)

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2 Responses to Sparkle

  1. jskinner675theheadsoffice says:

    Replace sparkly with lippy & I’m there with you Pooks! My nails are dreadful atm which makes me sad so I’m hiding themđź’…

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  2. Take care Pooky, hope you are feeling better soon. (hugs)..the down under sort which may be a little ragged by the time they reach you….

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