No Labels

Not a number to be counted
She rebelled.
Do not label me.
Don’t count me:
Came her yells.
She felt her person
Fading as their pens
Filled empty pages
With rhetoric yet again.
How they said so much
With words so few, so sparse
Those labels, just one word,
But implications vast.
But I’m not a label
Said the girl,
I’m not a freak.
Do not measure me,
Don’t count me.
Her voice weak.
The tears came,
The doctors downed their pens
And with fresh eyes,
Looked her up and down again.

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3 Responses to No Labels

  1. I love this so much – you are honestly so incredibly talented, I don’t understand how one person can have so much talent! Sorry for gushing but you’re just – wow!!!
    Every poem you right is amazing and I hope you can see that you’re even half as talented as we all know you are
    Anna x

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