Between hard and impossible

Between hard and impossible,
The place he resides,
With dark thoughts in his head
And clenched fists by his sides,
He can choose between
Making the pain go away,
But in ways that he shouldn’t,
Or so they all say.
The other choice,
Choose to embrace things instead,
Which sounds easy
To onlookers,
With clear thinking heads.
His head brimmed full with torment
And words of abuse
All directed inwards,
A tight-fitting noose
Of despair,
Which he wears every day,
With a smile,
Until it gets to much
And then once in a while,
He returns to the habits of old,
And at last,
All those feelings of pain
And self-hatred fade fast.
An impossible choice
And he didn’t feel proud,
And he’d change things
One day
When his thoughts weren’t so loud.

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2 Responses to Between hard and impossible

  1. jfb57 says:

    So sad Pooks. Thankfully, I have never gone down that road. The head here is struggling today though xxx


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