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Small Steps

She took his hand And faced the world. A world she feared. A world of judgement Horror and despair. But he was there. He was there. He guided, Held And gently pushed When needed. Tentative steps, Gulps of foreign, outside … Continue reading

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The World Felt Vast

The walls closed in The ground fell fast, And though she knew It couldn’t last, She wasn’t sure That she could bear The panic; It made her so scared. She felt like she would Surely die, Her shoulders heaved With … Continue reading

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Purring Guide

She guides me well This cat of mine She soon can tell When I’m not fine And then you’ll find her By my side My ever faithful Purring guide  

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Winter has Arrived [Haiku]

Crunchy, frozen grass Yields underfoot, cold rising. Winter has arrived.

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However small she grew It was not small enough. A foetal ball, Head in hands She wished to disappear. To be unborn. Each breath spoke of failure, Each day brought new scars. She lived, half-lived, In an ever-shrinking body, Housing … Continue reading

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Sensory Overload

The world seemed so loud. She sat In a silent room. Silent except for the ticking of a clock: Tick, Tick, TICK And the dripping of a far off tap: Drip, Drip, DRIP And the persistent buzz of a dying … Continue reading

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Each wound a jagged edge With which he’d have to live. Each scar a tale told, Retold ad infinitum. Each cut, further proof Of a life that hurt too much. But each day lived A survivor’s tale. Surviving Not living; … Continue reading

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