Day to Night

The day crept off quietly,
And curled cat-like in a corner,
Resting heavy eyes
And breathing heavy sighs.

Evening arrived loudly,
Subtlety never her forté.
Clouds screamed
With crimson throats.

The birds went wild,
Dashing on final errands,
Exchanging idle gossip,
And calling goodbyes.

Night crept in,
Quietly so as not to wake the day,
Now slumbering peacefully,
Oh so patiently.

Night bowled the moon into the ink pot sky
Perfectly bright and round,
A beacon for the wild and lonely,
Casting light on lovers,
And answering the howl of hounds
With her unblinking gaze.

Night smiled,
Shaking out the duvet of the sky,
Sprinkling it with stars
And the silent magic
Needed only by those
Who do not sleep.

Daily Poem #863

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