My Babies Always

You will be my babies always,
Even when you’re fully grown.
My babes in arms,
My darling ones,
You’ll never be alone.

At times you might forget me,
As you seek out ventures new,
But darling girls,
My arms will wait,
Outstretched, awaiting you.

I’ll let you do your own thing,
I won’t cry until you leave;
I’ll smile,
And help you on your way,
A hanky up my sleeve.

But you’ll come back,
I know you will,
To see your Mum and Dad,
And tell us with excitement
Of adventures that you’ve had.

And as you tell
Exciting tales,
Or just the daily grind,
I’ll pull you close,
Your hands in mine,
Our hearts, for life, entwined.

[For Ellie & Lyra]

Daily Poem 862

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2 Responses to My Babies Always

  1. A lovely poem and one that many parents will identify with, even when your children are adults, have left home and started their own families, in far away places, they will remain eternally young in their parents’ hearts.

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  2. Garry Fowler says:

    Just beautiful Pooky

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