Bad News [Haiku]

It was not good news.
Instantly grief consumed her
And everything changed.

Daily Poem #854

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3 Responses to Bad News [Haiku]

  1. angharad says:

    Are you ok Pooky? I’m here for you if you need anything. Thinking of you. Loadsa love xxx


    • PookyH says:

      Not my bad news, but that of a friend. I’ve heard both the most wonderful and the most appallingly terrible news today. It certainly puts things into perspective. How is hospital treating you Annie? xx


      • angharad says:

        I don’t want to sound horrible, but I’m glad it wasn’t you who got bad news. Sorry for your friend though. Hospital okish thanks. Meds are being increased slowly, and the only change I’ve noticed so far from them is I’m getting a good night sleep with no nightmares yay! I’m really badly struggling with food and they’re on my case about it. But I simply cannot eat anything solid food at the moment. Xxx


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