To 2015, with thanks 

Twenty Fifteen,
You were hard on me;
You taught me how to cry.
You tore my head to pieces,
And I wished that I would die.

I starved myself,
And cut myself
Anxiety ruled my days;
But you’ve been a very good year
In quite a lot of ways.

I received a lot of kindness,
And I made some special friends,
I learnt a lot about myself
And learnt not to pretend.

I took the terrifying leap
Of holding my head high
And saying: No, things aren’t okay,
If you’ll listen, I’ll share why.

I started a long journey,
To make right, what’s wrong with me,
And I focused more attention
On my precious family.

My husband has grown closer,
Though I’m sad I broke him too,
But we’re stronger now together,
And I know we’ll work this through.

So you’ve been a pretty tough year,
A fresh start is a relief,
But for all that’s changed,
And how we’ve grown,
I’m glad beyond belief.

Daily poem #837

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5 Responses to To 2015, with thanks 

  1. Powerful poem Pooky. I hope 2016 treats you well.

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  2. Best wishes for 2016 Pooky, I know 2015 was a tough one for you so much of what you wrote reflected that….take care and step forward I’m so glad you sound so positive about the coming year….Michael

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  3. jfb57 says:

    Happy New Year Pooks! I hope 2016 brings you challenges that you enjoy and lots of laughter and love! xx

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